A Life in Stories: Visions & Journeys in the Land of Mystery

@ 5:30 PM
Poetry Center, Dorothy Rubel Room
1508 E Helen St

Watch Recording Below

Cherokee storyteller Writingbear learned his people’s stories at his grandmother’s knee, but it wasn’t until after her passing, while recovering from a chronic illness, that he began to have visions and dreams which reawakened the values and stories instilled years before. Ever since, he’s brought his stories to audiences at workshops, schools, colleges, museums, festivals and pow-wows. Writingbear will weave together stories, family heritage and personal anecdotes from decades as a storyteller traveling, living and working in Indian Country. With a special blessing from Miguel Flores, Jr.

CD available for purchase here:  Stealing Horses & Other Stories by Writingbear

Writingbear, Mike Lindsey
Library & Information Services Coordinator at the Center for English as a Second Language (retired)