26, 27, 28

TOWARD JUSTICE FOR ALL: The Global Impact of Humanities Research

MON, TUES, WED | OCT 26, 27, 28
Web Premieres @ 4PM daily

PechaKucha Presentations by College of Humanities Faculty

Faculty across the College of Humanities are engaged in research and scholarship that address systemic racism and discrimination. Hear about concrete activities from a variety of disciplines working to counteract these prevailing inequalities and how this research can lead to a better tomorrow. Presenters will reflect on their own work and articulate what the audience can take away from the Toward Justice series as they become advocates for greater freedom, equality and justice for all.

Japanese for ‘chit-chat,’ PechaKucha is a storytelling format in which a presenter shows 20 slides for 20 seconds of commentary each, totaling 6 minutes 40 seconds. Presentations are grouped together for a fast-paced, simple and engaging showcase of new topics and ideas.

Watch recordings of these events below:


Jonathan Jae-an Crisman
Public & Applied Humanities

Spatial Justice in Little Tokyo

Arum Park
Religious Studies & Classics

Diversity in Classics: Understanding It, Appreciating It

Bryan Carter
Africana Studies | Director, Center for Digital Humanities

The Revolution Will Be Immersive


Colleen Lucey
Russian & Slavic Studies

Theatre and Protest in Putin’s Russia

Daisy Vargas
Religious Studies & Classics

Social Justice work in Mexican American Catholic Processions

Jiang Wu
East Asian Studies | Director, Center for Buddhist Studies

How Does Buddhist Studies Engage Social Justice?


Brett Esaki
East Asian Studies

Towards Silence in Justice

Janice McGregor
German Studies

Study Abroad and (Un)Doing Harm

Sonia Colina
Spanish & Portuguese | Director, National Center for Interpretation

Language Access and Inclusion in Research Studies