Announcing the 12th annual Tucson Humanities Festival

A series of lectures, panel discussion, events and special guests presented by the University of Arizona College of Humanities.

Community is found wherever and however people collect together, in places, in groups, in ideas, in hopes and in fears. Community is found in streets and neighborhoods, towns and cities and countries. It’s found in ideas and beliefs and ambitions. Together, we find strength and friendship, support and love, trust and compassion. In communities, we celebrate and we mourn. Community is what we have in common. It’s our unity. How can we create and share in a community? What’s the power of a community?

Join our community…

Oct 8

Gatos en Tucson

Oct 11

Little Shop of Horrors

Oct 18

Religious Tolerance

Oct 13

Rita Dove

Oct 25

Urban Humanities

Nov 5

Languages / Voices